Medical Claims Processing, Inc.
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Lower the cost of your EDI!
If you represent a Healthcare Provider, Hospital, Clearinghouse, Billing Center or Medical software vendor then we invite you to contact us and find how we can help you be more efficient and lower the cost of your EDI. Whether you are wanting to process medical claims, look up eligibility on a patient or receive EOBs electronically we can take care of your needs.

Medical Claims Processing Solutions, Inc.
1722 South Glenstone Suite XX - Springfield, MO 65804
About Our Organization
Our organization is a full-service clearinghouse that has been processing claims for over 6 years using applications developed by our in-house IS Department.

Office Hours: 8:30am - 5:30pm (Monday through Friday)
Processing Hours:     24 hours a day, 7 days a week
except for scheduled maintenance

We are composed of three companies forming a combination of support, EDI transactions, and software development.
MCPS, Inc.
MCPS, Inc. focuses solely on supporting payors. In most senarios, clearinghouses will focus on both payors and providers which can lead to conflicts between the two. This is why MCPS, Inc. devotes all its time only dealing with payors.
MCP, Inc.
MCP, Inc. is a receiving center for medical claims that interfaces with providers along with other receiving centers across the United States. If after studying our company you have decided on becoming a receiving center, please contact us immediately.
MUC, Inc.
MUC, Inc. is a software development company dedicated to producing applications for in-house operations, payors, providers, etc.
MCPS is Collabrus Certified
Collabrus provides testing and certification on comprehensive HIPAA EDI standards. Being Collabrus Certified shows demonstration of HIPAA Compliant capabilities used by MCPS through extensive testing against trading partners.
Medical Claims Processing Solutions, Inc. - 1722 South Glenstone Suite WW - Springfield, MO 65804
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